Monday, May 17, 2010

Ashburn Park (Dinosaur Park)

We finally made it to Dinosaur Park in Ashburn recently.  I had heard a lot about it but it is a bit of a drive from Reston.  The park is wonderful and my kids loved it!  I tried to get some pictures that showed the layout but it is a really big park that has several different structures.  It is shaped like a circle so everything is fairly close together.  I loved the shade the trees provide and there is a picnic area as well.  It is all mulch so regular strollers might have a tough time but there is a path that is on the side.  I also failed to get pictures of the swing sets. There are at least 2 of them with toddler swings too! Hopefully this link will help you get there:


Swing sets Australia said...

Wonderful, The park likes this is paradise for children.

Anonymous said...

Great fun on a warm day. Very toddler-friendly.