Thursday, August 14, 2008

Udvar-Hazy Center - National Air and Space Museum

This morning we made our way to the Air and Space Museum out in Chantilly. It took me about 15 minutes to get there once I was on the toll road. It truly is a fun place to go, especially for little boys. My sister and I had four boys with us, all under the age of 7. We parked right next to the fountain in front (the easiest place to unload small children because of the sidewalk area and the distraction of the fountain). They admired it for a while, threw pennies in (they could have done that for hours) and then we were on our way. The National Aviation and Space Exploration Wall of Honor is beautiful and a great 'runway' for the kids. By the way, parking is $12 but the museum is free to all visitors. There is a bag check in front where they tell you that drinking throughout the museum is ok, but snacks can only be eaten in the McCafe area. Which is where we usually finish our museum visit. Kids will probably be very excited to get a McDonald's Happy Meal after they run and walk around the museum!
We decided to go straight to the Donald D. Engen Observation Tower where you can watch the airplanes take off and land at Dulles Airport.
After the observation tower we headed downstairs to see the other exhibits. As you can see from the picture there is so much space and we actually did not lose any children, thank God! The boys were so interested in all the planes and interactive touchscreen computers that we were there for about an hour and a half before we realized we should end the trip (meltdown time). We enjoyed eating our lunches (half packed, half McDonalds - it is a little pricey) and then we said hello and goodbye to the gift shop and made our way to the car (with another stop at the fountain).
Oh this is important! The bathroom facilities all have changing table areas and are SO clean!
So go check it out, if you click on these pictures you can zoom in and get a better idea of the place. Have fun!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Lake Anne Park

What a great park- right here in Reston! This is located down the street from the village center and it has so much to offer. My boys were able to control the fountains with a button, and there is a mist that comes from the sides of the structure. They loved it! You can see that behind it is a fun playground and down a path is a volley ball court where the kids can play in the sand. It also has a covered area with picnic benches, tennis courts, and a basketball court. There is just so much to do for kids of all ages. Go see for yourself! Here is the Reston Association's info about it.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Lake Anne Village: updated

I wanted to add these pictures to the blog since my last post only had a tiny picture of Lake Anne. There is a fountain that kids can play in and you can also feed the ducks. They still have a few more summer shows so check it out if you get a chance! Here is the link that contains the web sites of all the stores and restaurants located there.